Lost Species Day

Generative Memorials are globally affiliated with International Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th - a chance each year to explore the stories of extinct and critically endangered species, lifeways, and ecological communities. The day provides an opportunity for participants to make or renew commitments to all extant and engage in practical action. 

Remembrance Day for Lost Species honours diverse experiences and practices associated with enduring and witnessing the loss of cultural and biological diversity. Participate in any way you choose – the annual theme can provide inspiration. Previous events have taken many forms including art projects, processions, tree planting, rituals and more. 


Megan Hollingsworth

 Megan Hollingsworth, Photo Copyright 2013  Jack Gescheidt

Megan Hollingsworth, Photo Copyright 2013 Jack Gescheidt

A scientist by formal training and artist by nature with long roots in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) stemming back to religious persecution in Ireland, Megan is a mother and scribe. She has explored academically and personally processed the naturally complicated and conflicted human emotional and spiritual response to genocide, global warming, and species extinction since her undergraduate studies in community health, toxicology, and ecohumanism. 

Megan initiated Extinction Witness, a project of Empowerment WORKS 501c3, to support those who 'live in a world of wounds' and amplify the compassionate response to human suffering at the root of intraspecies and interspecies exploitation. She serves as a lead team member for Lost Species Day. Her writing has been published in anthologies and online journals. Writing samples can be found at Wail Dance blog.

Reach Megan at megan [at] extinctionwitness [dot] org


Tora Rocha

 Tora Rocha

Tora Rocha

As a supervisor for Oakland, California's Public Works Agency, and founder of Pollinator Posse,  "Garden Whiz & Butterfly Savior" Tora Rocha transformed Oakland's parks into an urban oasis for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. A dynamic public speaker, Tora has given pollinator workshops and talks throughout the Bay Area and in the Sierra foothills. Those familiar with Tora call her the 'Toranado.'

Tora retired from civil service in 2017 after 35 years with the City and now turns her energy and dedication to full-time in the 'garden classroom' teaching and speaking. With a passion, Tora instructs gardeners & non-gardeners of all ages about how and why to create and maintain pollinator habitats. Tora is available for public and private speaking engagements and private landscape habitat consultations.

Reach Tora at toranado12 [at] gmail [dot] com 


Andreas Kornevall


A Swedish national who grew up in South America, Sweden and Switzerland, Andreas is co-founder of Working Abroad and the Life Cairn movement, and director at Earth Restoration Service, a charity that has involved over a thousand UK schools to plant new woodlands. With trees always at the centre of his spiritual and practical work, Andreas is an active member of the ‘Forn Sed’ - Old Customs Association - in Sweden, working closely with ancient Norse culture, traditions, rituals and spirituality to unearth old legends, forgotten folklore, and endangered Norse languages. Andreas serves as lead team member of Lost Species Day and as a contributing author of Ancient-Origins.net. His writing on myth and ecology has appeared in several books and journals.

Reach Andreas at andreas [at] earthrestorationservice [dot] org