honoring mothers of all walks, supporting open display of chronic grief,

and nourishing all extant community members... 


"Gardening is a blend of science and art."

- Tora Rocha, Pollinator Posse Director


Generative memorials are feral communities* carefully tended by human hands to foster biodiversity throughout developed areas as they support the human grieving process and public displays of grief within the context of life’s complete cycle.

The vision for Generative Memorials coalesced when synchronicity, curiosity, and common purpose brought Tora Rocha and Megan Hollingsworth together thanks to a conversation in a cafe in Oakland, California November 2017.

In addition to providing areas for reflection and mourning ritual free from and of any religious doctrine, Generative Memorials provide for everyone's sustenance unbound by human monetary exchange.

Generative Memorials are a cooperative effort of Extinction Witness, Pollinator Posse, and Earth Restoration Service aligned with Lost Species Day, a global movement that relates with all individuals of all species as community members, remembers each in perpetuity, and helps endangered  individuals and species thrive in their existence.

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Generative Memorials help cultivate and catalyze a shift from honoring death as the greatest sacrifice - warrior culture - back to honoring birth as the greatest sacrifice - mothering culture, in which mothers love and care for all children as their own.

By nature, a mother's love for her own child protects all children as she realizes a total empathy for the loss of a child. And grief for the loss of a mother's own child is so total and complete that this is chronic, lasting her lifetime. A mother's initial wail and ongoing tears remind that every member is loved beyond reason - that love is unreasonable.

Generative Memorials are inspired by two mothers, Lucille Rocha and Lucille Bertuccio. Our gratitude goes to these mothers for requesting and tending feral communities for everyone's benefit. Their generosity lives in our bones. For this, we are eternally grateful and will do our very best to see that their legacy carries on.

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We collaborate with individuals and projects engaged in the revival of feral communities in gardens and groves to foster long-term care of Generative Memorials. We also offer guidance for establishing and maintaining these areas upon request.

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Financial support for Generative Memorials is greatly appreciated. Extinction Witness global arts project of Empowerment WORKS 501c3 for-impact organization sponsors this regenerative work. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. To make a gift today, please click SUPPORT below. 


*feral communities aka 'wild' are those shaped significantly by the activity of all community members