Community Memorials

Beginning with two 'walking memorials' that anyone can create anywhere anytime, below is a sample of existing memorials familiar to us. There are, no doubt, many more.

In creating and promoting these memorials, we are acutely aware of complications (put mildly) that include ongoing human removal to preserve 'the wild'. 

With this peak of other insults to a fundamental humanity in mind, we perceive the memorials as Community Memorials of practice that bring the human family together with reverence for individual, group, and collective losses.

May these practices support moving forward from here unified in solidarity with loving kindness and compassion for the sake of peaceful existence for all mothers and babes. 

In addition to the Community Memorials, included below are links to essays on the vital nature of expressing grief associated with collective loss, ultimately personal.

Please be in touch if you are aware of and/or engaged in creating community memorials. We will gladly add the work to this growing list and share word of your efforts.

Life cairn final rgb (1).jpg


Life Cairns are community memorials raised for species rendered extinct as a result of human activity. The Life Cairn memorial programme was initiated in 2011 by BBC TV presenter Reverend Peter Owen Jones, known for his TV series Around the World in 80 Faithsand Andreas Kornevall, director of Earth Restoration Service. The first Life Cairn was raised on Mount Caburn near Lewes in East Sussex. On April 6, 2018, a Life Cairn was raised at Mauritius for the Dodo in partnership with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Please enjoy this brief documentation of the April 2018 ceremony: A Life Cairn in Mauritius

Extinction Symbol

The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. As a walking memorial, the Symbol can be created anywhere, including in tattoos on one's own body and ideally in a highly visible area as a reminder and forewarning. The circle represents Earth and the hourglass inside represents time rapidly running out for many species. The symbol is not to be monetized. So, please do not print this on products for sale or even on products given away in exchange for donations to this cause. For more information please visit Extinction Symbol. Please read at Instagram on this particular Extinction Symbol and existing LEGO numbers with thanks to LEGO Group for shifting some product to digestible materials.

Monument for dead insects

At Kan’ei-ji Temple, a Monument for Dead Insects stands amidst homage to great shoguns. Sessai Matsuyama commissioned the erection in 1821 honoring spirits of all the crickets, flies, and grasshoppers killed in the writing of an anatomical study of insects (Chuchi-jo) sanctioned by Matsuyama himself. This share is thanks to Zebith Thalden and her artwork with attention to insects at Intersectus Design. Please read The Voice of the Infinite In the Small: re-visioning the insect-human connection by Joanne Elizabeth Lauck at SearchWorks

 Goodbye Queen of Yangtze by  Denise Monaghan  

Goodbye Queen of Yangtze by Denise Monaghan 

THE WHALE MEMORIAL DANCE is a multi-media memorial honoring cetaceans and dedicated to Yangtze river dolphin, believed extinct as the last confirmed sighting was in 2002 (IUCN Red List).


This short film shows highlights of Feral Theatre's May 2011 performance of 'Funeral for Lost Species' and sculpture installation at St Peter's Church, Brighton Fringe Festival. In this exploration of extinction and grief, audiences and participants engaged on a visceral and emotional level with humankind's power to destroy and create.