Transition: Bridging Death and Birth

Earth is in the midst of a major life transition, also known as mass species extinction, brought by human activity. With a death this big, a birth as big. Generative Memorials bridge the great death and birth by helping to fulfill the urgent need to protect the most vulnerable community members and ensure remaining fragments of intact communities.

In addition to providing areas for reflection and embodied grieving, Generative Memorials provide for everyone's sustenance unbound by human monetary exchange. Though the name may be, the concept of Generative Memorials is not new, but a revival of common ways gone hiding. There used to be places we would go to grieve. We're bringing them back.

Generative Memorials provide physical and spiritual sustenance and can be relatively small urban gardens and groves or larger rural meadows and groves, also verges. The essential is that they be open to everyone and every manner of grieving.

We are acutely aware of conflicts in conservation efforts that include ongoing human removal to preserve 'the wild'. We believe that efforts to revive biodiversity are aligned and necessarily intersect with efforts to maintain and revive human cultural diversity.

We perceive the memorials as common grounds of practice that bridge false divides and relieve discord by way the sensual - naturally. These grounds invite the human family together for tending individual, group, and collective losses. May Generative Memorials support moving forward in solidarity with loving kindness and compassion for the sake of peaceful existence for all mothers and babes. 

Please enjoy this brief film that includes the intent and prospect of these living memorials:

Pollinator Procession & Generative Memorials Dedication RDLS 2017

Generative Memorials are a cooperative effort aligned with Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th. Please read about Extinction Witness’ BEGINNINGS with the memorial work and  CONNECT via Extinction Witness to learn more.

Honoring the Mother’s Unconditional Love

Generative Memorials help revive what feels a nearly vanished respect for mothers and their compassionate and nurturing ways.The establishment of Generative Memorials begins the end to an era of violent competition that upholds the slaying of the child as the highest sacrifice for the ongoing of the tribe.

In the gardens and groves we revive the Mothering Culture to honor the mother's unconditional love and universal compassion and recognize birth, not death, as the ultimate feat and sacrifice to be regarded.

To give birth is to die to the separate ego and to bear someone who will eventually die. There is no greater act of faith, humility, and surrender than to devote one's whole self to bring forth and love completely the fleeting glimpse of that which eventually passes as part of life’s ongoing. By the mother's joy and sorrow, false divides dispelled.

The focus is with mothers of all walks denied basic respect and care.

Mothers of babes who die before they get a chance walk, swim, and fly.

Mothers poisoned as they breathe, drink, and eat. Mothers who experience hunger complicated by pollution. Mothers who lose their babes and often their own lives prematurely. 

Human mothers who lose their children no matter what and solely because of skin color. Children killed when they run and when they don't.

And human mothers of the 'right' skin color who lose their children thanks to financial destitution and indoctrinated shame. Mothers who continue to sacrifice their souls to a neglect born of self-judgment and ignorance.

Mothers threatened and killed in their homes and dens. Mothers who ingest or harvest and subsequently poison and starve their babes on plastic.

We have laid our arms. We are healing the wounds. And creating the refuge required to do so.